Jennifer Holub (AKA The Holub, AKA JBoogie)

Admin/Co-Founder Chive On Chicago

Like most, theCHIVE was introduced to me by a friend (a first responder and veteran) about 5 years ago.

That was when it was literally a website devoted to photo galleries full of humor and general tomfoolery to help feed the unproductive monsters inside us all. So of course, it was right up my alley. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good Caturday and anyone who says they don't look at Humpday is a liar.

Two years later, Chive Charities was incorporated into the mix and the philanthropy side of the community flourished, which led to the very first Chive Nation meetup right in my hometown of Chicago. I had grown up volunteering time to charity and to stumble across an outlet like this was pretty much 'the tits'. Being in a room with a group of people that mirrored my same love of good times and paying it forward was all I needed to know that I had found my tribe.

Knowing that Chicago Chivers needed a way to maintain those connections is what led to our group being formed and took me from being a participant, to admin of the greatest damn group of individuals I could hope for.

I've travelled across the country attending meetups and spending time with Chivers from every side of the spectrum. I can honestly say that some of the friendships I've made have really set the precedent of what 'theCHIVE' means to me. It's a family, a community and a force to be reckoned with.