Hi internet! My name is Henry and also Hank, but hank is another story for another time. I'm one of the weirdos that helps to facilitate the good times we have in Chive on Chicago.

For me this all started a while back when I was hanging with my two best friends in Vegas. My friend saw a dude sporting a BFM shirt and she lost her shit! (For those of you who don't know, BFM is short for Bill Fuckin' Murray) It all snowballed from there. Enter my first meet up #Chivecago! The feeling was electrifying and I hadn't felt like that since The Rock "Layeth the Smacketh Down" on all the jabronies and candy asses!

In the past couple years; I've met some pretty dope people along the way that I can call my friends. I've witness the impact we have made locally and on the national level, it inspires me to keep doing what we do! By helping others, we in turn help ourselves and the gratitude we receive fills us with pride and emotions.

Keep Calm & CHIve On!