Alex "Pack"

My name is Pack and not only am I a born and raised Chicagoan but I'm also one of the ring leaders of the Greatest Show on Earth, Chive On Chicago. I was introduced to the group a few years back and immediately felt like I was at home. It makes me extremely proud that know that there is such a large community, right in my own backyard, that will open their hearts up to those who truly need it.

I'm often asked by people "Why do you Chive?". The answer is simple: because I want to fight for those who can't fight for themselves. I want to be surrounded by people like myself who will go to bat for the underdogs. I want to show the world that even the smallest ripple of kindness can become a wave. I want to leave this world a better place then when I came in and I want to have fun while doing it. WE ARE THE DIFFERENCE MAKERS!

Chive On Chicago is a very special group of hardworking, dedicated people who all come from different ethnic backgrounds, neighborhoods, lifestyles, etc. I like to think that our little community of misfits is an accurate representation of the city we love so much and call home. We are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and husbands and wives. We are military and we are civilians. We are Chicago. Not only is it an honor to be able to lead this wonderful group of people into the future but it is just a privilege to be surrounded by such an amazing community like Chive On Chicago.