Kevin "Mitch"

Hey there. I'm Kevin Robert Michael Mitchell. Like most people with way too many first names, I go by something way shorter and easier to remember. Most folks call me Mitch. Really cool people call me Dude Mitch. Are you cool?

Anyway, I got into this Chive stuff awhile back when a Union Brother told me about a cool app full of funny stuff and boobs. He had me at "funny stuff and boobs." Pretty soon though I realized there was way more to it than that. Like charity, which is rad. And a gnarly community of weirdos who are a lot like me. Scary, right?

So now, several years later, here I am. Fearlessly leading a horde of weirdos who want to make the world ten percent happier and have a hell of a time doing it. Also, Lily from the AT&T commercials is a mega babe. Holla!