Jeremy "Jerms"

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Charity Ambassador

Hello World! I'm Jeremy. I am the baby of the team having only been involved with Chive on Chicago for about a year and a half. For me, I was reluctant to even get involved with the chapter. My wife had been involved for six months by the time I started to ask her "WTF she was looking at on her phone all the time?" She explained to me about the app and the group and I was like "meh". She finally suckered me in with theCHIVE's Caturday posts and dragged me to a Chive on Chicago event. I fell down the rabbit hole that day and now am fully engrossed in the Wonderland that is our chapter.

What made me flip the switch, like every one of our members, there is something about it that just clicked and felt right. For me, my generation as a whole, pretty much sucks. All you see if the stupidity people my age and a little younger are doing all over the news and social media, makes the rest of us look bad. There's several mottos at theCHIVE, but the one that hooked me first was "A Drinking Organization with a Charity Problem" I fell deeper down the hole and got to understand the whole goal behind all of this and especially Chive Charities. The goal of "Making the world a 10% better place", that's why I Chive.

Chive on Chicago has given me an outlet to focus on the goal of making our city a better place to be. Through their RAKs(Random Acts of Kindness), their donations to charities and the hours they volunteer they renew my hope for our society and future. The bonus for me is that I have made some pretty awesome friends along the way and that is never a bad thing! As I talk to people in my interactions with our community, I get asked "What is Chive on Chicago?" It's a group of misfits out there making Chicagoland 10% better through one act of kindness at a time.